El club

The Anthem

The Boca Juniors anthem dates back to 1926 thanks to Victoriano 'Toto' Cafferana, who is the only fan who took part in the memorable tour in 1925. He commissioned Italo Goyeche to write an anthem for Boca Juniors.

The tune was played on a piano for the first time in Caffarena’s house, by one of his sisters. Then Jesús Fernández Blanco wrote the lyrics. In 1928 the anthem was performed for the first time in public in a restaurant in the port of La Boca after a game between Boca and the Scottish team Motherwell. This coincided with the return to Buenos Aires of the Argentine National Team, back from the Olympics in Amsterdam where they had won the silver medal with four Boca players: Ludovico Bidoglio, Roberto Cherro, Domingo Tarascone and Segundo Médici.

At this time, football was considered a sport for gentlemen. That's what Sir Alexander Watson Hutton, the promoter of this sport in our country, had conveyed as he arrived from England. But there is no doubt that the anthem of Boca modified this concept recalling epic feats on the battlefield and using the rhythm of a military march.

Boca Juniors; Boca Juniors;
Gran campeón del balompié,
que despierta en nuestro pecho
entusiasmo, amor y fé
Tu bandera azul y oro
en Europa tremoló
como enseña vencedora
donde quiera que luchó.

Boca es nuestro grito de amor.
Boca nunca teme luchar,
Boca es entusiasmo y valor,
Boca Juniors. . . a triunfar. . .
Con tu enseña victoriosa
que es de oro y cielo azul,
en la "Cancha" se entusiasma
nuestra fuerte juventud. . .
Electrizan tus colores
Viejo Boca vencedor
y en los campos de combate
es glorioso tu pendón.

Boca es nuestro grito de amor
Boca nunca teme luchar,
Boca es entusiasmo y valor,
Boca Juniors. . . a triunfar. . .

Lyrics by J. Fernández Blanco, Music by Italo Goyeche