History - 1963 a 1969



The afternoon of 19 May 1963 will remain unforgettable for the Boca fans. At La Bombonera, against Vélez, Angel Clemente Rojas made his debut.

He’s a champion who would leave his mark thanks to his unconventional game, feints, dribbling and unparalleled ability. By playing innumerable games, scoring goals and making spectacular move he earned the affectionate nickname Rojitas, which is nothing more than the diminutive of his own name. He became one of the major idols of the club. In 1970 he scored the goal against Rosario Central that gave Boca the title of the Nacional. The following year he moved abroad. The wonderful Rojitas was champion five times and left an indelible memory in the minds of fans.



The third time that Boca won two titles in a row was between 1964 and '65, two seasons that proved very different from each other.

The first, the team was strong in defense and suffered no goals in 19 of the 30 matches played. Boca finished five points ahead and won the tournament at La Bombonera against River. 1965 will be remembered for a spectacular comeback in the last fixtures, with a head-to-head against River who came to La Bombonera on the penultimate fixture ahead in points. When Artime scored, the guests caressed the title but later through goals from Menéndez and Pianetti Boca overturned the result. First place went to Boca, who celebrated by beating Atlanta in the last fixture.



Almost becoming a habit, Boca humbled River and won the title. This time however, with a plus: they played in the Monumental.

This ishow Boca celebrated the conquest of the 1970 Nacional, after a 2-2 draw with archrivals, gol by Madurga. The team coached by Di Stefano played brilliantly and in the first 12 fixtures they were unparalleled with eleven wins. Rojitas, Ponce, the 'Negro' Medina, Novello and Madurga are names that remain in the history of Boca linked to the idea of a beautiful game. More satisfaction was gained when they won the ArgentineCup after beating Atlanta in the final.